Chordas Research


Dr. Steve Chordas, is a senior lecturer of introductory biology courses in the CLSE, in addition to being the course coordinator for Biology 3401. Much of his work has focused on macro-invertebrates and insects. In his own words:

I love bugs! Not something you hear very often? Well in addition to teaching the amazing classes I have the privilege to teach in the CLSE, I also study bugs when I get a minute or two to do so (which is not too often!). I am fortunate to have colleagues with whom I collaborate on bug projects from around the country and the world. I am a sporadic volunteer associate curator at the Museum of Biological Diversity in the Triplehorn Entomological collection at The Ohio State University, specializing in Hemiptera. I focus on Biodiversity of Hemiptera, species distributions and faunal compositions, ecology and species ecological specifications as well as taxonomic type studies. You likely have amazing bugs in your backyard, get to know them - they’re great.

Hemiptera insects, in part, contain “true bugs”; e.g. stink bugs, assassin bugs, etc that have piercing sucking mouthparts (like a straw).  Some are of human health importance (e.g. kissing bugs, Triatoma species, transmit Chagas Disease), some are pests (e.g. bed bugs. Cimex lectularius or the marmorated stink bug Halyomorpha halys) but most are important components of the community ecology serving as food sources, predators or herbivores (which may become pests when in abundance). Study of Hemiptera biogeography gives insight into the natural history, habitat interactions, evolutionary history and documentation of species compositions illustrating temporal dynamics.

Dr. Chordas is an active contributor to the scientific community. Below is a partial list of current publications and projects. 



Chordas, Steve W. III and Scott Longing.  In Press.  First report of Galgupha mexicana (Hemiptera: Thyreocoridae) for the United States. Entomological News.

  *Collaboration with Scott Longing from Texas Tech University.


Chordas, Steve W. III and Chris T. McAlister.  In Review.  Seven novel Hemiptera (3 Miridae; Pentatomidae; 2 Reduviidae; Rhyparochromidae) records from southeastern Oklahoma.  Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science.

  *Collaboration with Chris T. McAlister from Eastern Oklahoma State College.


Swanson, Dan R. and Steve W. Chordas III2018.  Annotated list of assassin bugs (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) of Belize, with the description of two new species.  Zootaxa.  4500(3):397-425.

  *Collaboration with Dan Swanson from University of Illinois.


Tumlison, Renn and Steve W. Chordas III2018.  Three uncommon Nabidae (Hemiptera),

Alloeorhynchus trimacula, Carthasis decoratus and Phorticus collaris new for Arkansas, USA.  Entomological News. 128(1):49-52.

  *Collaboration with Renn Tumlison from Henderson State University, Arkadelphia Arkansas


Chordas, Steve W. III.  2017.  Literature record checklist of true bugs (Hemiptera) for Arkansas, USA,  as of 2018.  Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science.  71(article 42): 224-231.


* Host plant identification of a rare black bug (Hemiptera: Thyreocoridae: Corimelaena) in Ohio.

- Collaboration with Ohio State undergraduate student : Sylvia K. Chordas

* Black bugs inhabiting weeping Lovegrass (Hemiptera: Thyreocoridae: Galgupha).

- Collaboration with colleague at Clemson University : Al Wheeler Jr.

* First Arkansas records of 23 plant bug species (Hemiptera: Miridae).

- Collaboration with colleague at Henderson State University, Arkadelphia Arkansas : Renn Tumlison

* Description of the male of a Galgupha species (Hemiptera: Thyreocoridae) from Mexico

- Collaboration with colleagues at Texas A&M museum & USNM - Smithsonian, Washington DC

* Prairie collections yield 11 Hemiptera species new for Indiana.

- Collaboration with colleague at Columbus State Community College : Peter Kovarik.

* New Arkansas Hemiptera records from flight intercept traps in southern Arkansas.

- Collaboration with colleague at Northwest Arkansas Community College : Matt Connior, et al.

* Black Bugs (Hemiptera: Thyreocoridae) of eastern North America: ongoing, solo project.




*An uncommon plant bug Pilophorus nasicus Knight, 1926 : found in 2019 in Oklahoma - from Chordas and McAlister (Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science).

*Plate with photos and distribution of Galgupha mexicana - from Chordas and Longing (Entomological News).