Caroline Breitenberger Receives 2017 University Academy of Teaching Founders Award

May 5, 2017
Caroline Breitenberger with 2017 University Academy of Teaching Founders Award and members of the Executive Council of the Academy of Teaching.
Dr. Caroline Breitenberger, Director of the Center for Life Sciences Education, received the prestigious 2017 Ohio State University Academy of Teaching Founders Award. 
The Founder’s Award was established in 2008 by the Executive Council of the Academy of Teaching to recognize individuals for meritorious service in promoting teaching excellence on the campuses of The Ohio State University. The Founder’s Award is named for OSU President E. Gordon Gee, who, on April 4, 1992, announced his intent to form an academy of faculty who were past recipients of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching (AADT), the most prestigious award for teaching at Ohio State. By establishing this award, the Academy’s Executive Board has expressed the desire to recognize distinguished service in furthering the mission of the Academy through any of the following activities:
Foster excellence in teaching
Promote the importance of teaching
Help improve the rewards for teaching
Help evaluate teaching
Help create good publicity for Ohio State
Promote a sense of community among Academy members
Work appropriately with other units at Ohio State
Nominees for the Founder’s Award may include those who have served in academic or administrative positions at the university, as well as alumni and other non-university individuals. The Executive Council collaboratively selects a recipient.
Recipients are given a custom-made gold leaf glass apple.
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