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Jobs and Internships

Biology students often continue in careers such as research scientist or college professor. For these careers, students must first obtain a Ph.D. degree. More often, a biology student goes on to a career in medicine or some other health science. In the private sector, a master's degree may be sufficient for a research or product development position.

Those students who are not looking for a career in research or a health profession may seek to move into other science careers such as communications, business (pharmaceutical sales), school teaching, or a myriad of jobs (e.g., in nature centers or as a government biologist or science writer). Some biology majors are eager to go out and find a job in the science arena, working as a research assistant, field assistant, or laboratory assistant.  Students should visit the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Services in 100 Denney Hall long before commencement day to perfect job seeking skills.  

ASC Career Success supports a free resource, Handshake, a virtual platform connecting students with employers in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors.  Through Handshake, students can look for professional opportunities including jobs and internships.  They can register for Career Success events, designed to help them build professional competencies and to network and connect with potential employers. 

Please visit the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success, 100 Denney Hall, (614) 292-6961