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Requesting an evaluation

How do I request a course evaluation?

To request an evaluation of a BIOLOGY course with either General (G000.*) or Special (S000.*) Credit designation, you will need to provide a syllabus from the term the course was taken. The syllabus must include the following information:

  • Term
  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Textbook or other course materials
  • Grading structure
  • A Lecture and Reading Assignment Schedule
  • A Lab Schedule (if applicable)

Please be aware that syllabi will sometime be separated into the ‘administrative’ portion and the schedule. You will need to provide both for an evaluation. If you do not still have the syllabus from the course you took, you should reach out to either your former instructor or the offering department at your previous institution to request one. Departments frequently keep historical copies of syllabi for this purpose.

To request an evaluation, please use your OSU email to send the syllabus to the Biology Transfer Credit Coordinator, Adam Andrews. Your request should include your Buck-ID number. You do not need to include a transfer credit report. Important: Like most faculty and staff, emails sent to Adam at an @buyckeyemail address are undeliverable. Please be sure to send only to an @osu.edu address to receive a response. Most evaluations are completed within a few business days.

The Center for Life Sciences Education offers those courses under the ‘Biology’ catalog, consisting mostly of the introductory biology offerings. Most upper level or topic-specific courses are offered in other units across campus. Your transfer credit report may indicate a course as Biology, when in fact the similar coursework is taught elsewhere. You are welcome to make the evaluation request of Biology and the transfer coordinator will direct you to the appropriate unit. Commonly redirected courses include:

  • Anatomy and / or Physiology – Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
  • Biotechnology – Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Biostatistics – College of Public Health
  • Cell Biology – Department of Molecular Genetics
  • Environmental Science – School of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Genetics – Department of Molecular Genetics
  • Marine Biology – Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
  • Microbiology – Department of Microbiology
  • Pathophysiology – School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

You can find up-to-date contact information for the respective transfer credit coordinators here.