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How do I request a pre-evaluation of a course I want to take elsewhere?

If you are considering taking a course at another institution with the intent to transfer that course to Ohio State, it is critical to explore the transferability of that course prior to your enrollment. Without pre-approval or an established articulation, you run of the risk of the credit not fulfilling the intended need. Pre-evaluations are available only for domestic courses.

  • Check on Transferology.com to see if there are established course articulations. These equivalencies are subject to change with at least a term’s notice. Once the transcript showing successful completion of a course with an established articulation is processed, the credit will automatically appear on the student’s record. No further action is necessary.


  • If the course is not found on transferology.com, reach out to the other institution’s offering unit to request a recent syllabus for the course. A course description alone will be insufficient to make a determination about equivalency. Send the syllabus to Adam Andrews for evaluation.
  • Once your transcript has been processed and your audit reflects the transferred course, please reach out to the Transfer Credit Coordinator to let them know the transcript has been processed. We are unable to post equivalencies until the course is successfully reflected on a student’s record.