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Annual CLSE Outstanding Laboratory/Recitation Instructor Award

Center for Life Sciences' Annual Outstanding Laboratory/Recitation Instructor Award

Each spring, one TA is named the CLSE's Outstanding Laboratory/Recitation Instructor.  All Undergraduate, Graduate, or Contract TAs who have taught at least 2 semesters in Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE) courses are eligible. The winning TA must have been employed at least one semester in the academic year of the award (May-April). Nomination letters are submitted in April by students, fellow TAs, course coordinators, and instructors. One Outstanding TA is selected by the CLSE Director, Associate Director, and Staff based on nominations and supplementary information from course coordinators and assistant course coordinators who supervise the nominees.

Criteria for Selection:   

  1. The candidate has demonstrated innovative thought, creative solutions, unique efforts with the goal of improving student learning through evidence-based teaching
  2. The candidate has contributed to more effective or efficient operations within CLSE (e.g., developing teaching and laboratory materials, provide support for CCs or Instructors)
  3. The candidate has had a positive impact on other TAs (e.g., mentoring, providing feedback, being a model for other TAs)
  4. The candidate has exceeded professional development expectations to improve their teaching.
  5. Candidate has sustained effort in the above criteria for a substantial period of time (at least two semesters)


Previous Winners

2024     Tyler Nicely

2023     Ryan Bell

2022     Kendall King

2021     Mary Sagatelova

2020    Anna Newman-Griffis

2019     Mike Ryan-Simkins

2018     Drew Spacht

2017     Stephen Pearson

2016     Jonathan Picking

2015     Corrie Pieterson

2014     David Sovic

2013     Samantha Herrmann

2012     Jeffrey Hardesty

2011     Thushani Rodrigo-Peiris