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Summer Institutes

The National Academies Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education is organized by the National Research Council's Board on Life Sciences in partnership with the Center for Scientific Teaching at Yale University. Support for the National Academies Summer Institutes is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Presidents' Committee of the National Research Council, and Yale University.

See: http://www.academiessummerinstitute.org/

Each year, typically in May, we offer a Mobile Summer Institute. MOSI will expand and sharpen participants’ teaching skills through workshops facilitated by trained facilitators.  Participants will develop original, innovative classroom materials ready for immediate implementation and will be recognized as OSU MOSI Fellows at the end of the institute. A post-meeting Instructional Redesign (IR) session with the Drake Institute for teaching and Learning will be held to which all MOSI participants are invited. For more information, contact the Assistant Director of Pedagogy & Assessment.


Dr. Kristin Smock describes an "a-ha" moment during a Summer Institute.