First National Academies Summer Institute at Ohio State

September 25, 2015
National Academies Summer Institute at OSU group photo.

The first National Academies Summer Institute at Ohio State (NASI@OSU) was held June 8-12 at the Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE). NASI@OSU was designed to improve how biology is taught to both majors and non-majors. It was led by Michelle Withers (West Virginia University) and Randy Phillis (University of Massachusetts - Amherst) and was patterned on the National Academies Summer Institutes (NASI), founded at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The 21 participants developed  group presentations of teachable tidbits that were peer-reviewed by organizers, facilitators, and participants. The process allowed the groups to practice assessing the effectiveness and student-centeredness of learning activities and to incorporate peer feedback into their teaching modules before using them in their own classes.Caroline Breitenberger, Michelle Withers and Randy Phillis

 NASI participants in classroom.

Participants working in group activity.