The biology major is designed to ensure exposure to a broad base of biological knowledge, to provide depth of experience in advanced topics, and to develop competence in scientific disciplines that are supportive of biological endeavors (mathematics, data analysis, physics, and chemistry).

Besides these general categories, the latitude in choice of major courses is another important feature of the biology major. Students, in consultation with their adviser, may devise a broad program in the biological sciences, or a more specialized curriculum, depending on their academic interests.

Formulation of career aspirations and communication of them to your academic adviser are important aspects of your major program. Mid-program changes are often made and students frequently use the biology major to explore biological sciences before deciding on a specific program.

Employment opportunities depend partially upon the chosen courses in the major program, as well as laboratory and research experience. Students with a particular field of employment in mind should alert their adviser so that the best curriculum may be developed toward that goal.

The biology major provides a good background for graduate study (MS, PhD, MD/PhD) and is readily adaptable to meeting professional school requirements (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, allied medicine, optometry, etc.), while also allowing freedom to take courses that satisfy secondary interests or alternative goals.

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