Forum FAQs


Am I eligible to present at the NMS Undergraduate Research Forum?
Yes, if your major is Actuarial Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Data Analytics, Earth Sciences, Evolution and Ecology, Integrated Math/English, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Physics, Statistics, or Zoology.  Likewise, you are eligible to participate in the NMS Forum if you are doing research with a faculty member whose primary appointment is in one of the NMS departments (Astronomy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer and Information Science, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Physics, or Statistics).

May I have an excuse for missing class on the day of the Forum?
Yes, we will write a letter or send an email requesting that you be excused from class. Please contact Dr. Caroline Breitenberger at with the name of the professor to whom the excuse should be sent.

I would prefer not to miss a class that overlaps the judging time at the Forum; do I have to be there the whole time for judging?
Yes, we can accommodate your schedule (to some extent). Please contact Dr. Caroline Breitenberger at to request special consideration for judging.

May I submit the same abstract to more than one conference or poster session?
Yes, it is OK to submit the same abstract to more than one conference or research forum (e.g. the NMS Undergraduate Research Forum and the Denman), but you must register separately for each event.

If a group worked on a project together, may we present our poster as a group?
Yes, group posters are allowed. 

Do I receive anything for participating in the NMS Undergraduate Research Forum?

All individual presenters at the NMS Undergraduate Research Forum receive a certificate acknowledging their participation and a $50 eGift card.  Students presenting in a group will receive gift cards in smaller amounts.

What should I wear for the Forum?
Appropriate attire is business casual. You will be standing at your poster for long periods of time, so make sure your shoes are comfortable.

How will I know when I am being judged?
There will be at least 2 judges for each presenter. Judges will wear name badges with a "judge" ribbon. You are allowed to leave your poster for short breaks, and will be given a card to display indicating when you will return.

How do judges evaluate my presentation?
The judging form is posted on the Forum website. Most judges will expect you to be able to present a 5-10 minute summary of your research, during which they will interrupt to ask questions about your work.

Will I be able to see the judges’ evaluations of my presentation?
Yes, the completed judging forms will be emailed to your within two weeks after the forum.

Is there funding available to defray poster printing costs?
No, we do not have any way to help defray poster preparation costs. (Check with your research advisor or department.)

May I present the work I did at another institution?
Yes, research done outside OSU is acceptable.

How should I prepare for the judging?
You should prepare a short (5-10 minute) summary of your research, and you should expect the judge to interrupt your presentation with questions about your research. A good way to prepare for the judging is to have graduate students and other lab personnel quiz you about your project, your data, and its significance.